Tina O’Brien began her fire service career in 2000 with the Lake Mary Fire Department.

She serves as a Senior Fire Inspector, Investigator and Peer Support Coordinator.

In 2016 she found that mental health and wellness is where her true passion and purpose was and developed her agency’s peer support team.

She is currently the Peer Support Coordinator for not only her department but also for the City of Lake Mary peer support team that includes trained staff in ALL departments.

2021-2023 Tina served as the chairperson for the Central Florida Fire Rescue Behavioral Health Collaborative where peer support coordinators in Central Florida meet to share tools, stay in tune with trainings and changes in the state. This position allowed her to be involved in assisting in meeting other agencies needs in peer support deployments within the state. Tina was truly honored to accept the FFSHC board position as treasurer/secretary where she hopes to continue making a difference in the lives of Florida’s Firefighters.