Assistant Chief John Klinefelter began his fire service career over 20 years ago and is currently the Health and Safety Chief for Clearwater Fire & Rescue. While moving through the ranks of Clearwater Fire & Rescue, he was an active member of the department’s Occupational Safety and Health Committee and Accident Review Board.

As the Health and Safety Chief, he has expanded the CISM and Peer Support teams for CFR. John has also met with the city’s EAP provider to enhance and vet EAP providers for the city’s first responders. He also serves as a Safety Officer when needed on incidents.

John serves as a Region Coordinator for the Florida Firefighters Safety and Health Collaborative (FFSHC), which focuses in the areas of: firefighter cancer prevention, health and fitness, mental wellness, and firefighter safety. As the West-Central Florida Region Coordinator, he works with local fire departments and industry leaders to fulfill the direction of the FFSHC.