David Perez has served as a paramedic and firefighter for 16 years, currently holding the position of Engineer. In addition to his operational role, he is an active member of the North Collier Fire and Rescue (NCFR) Peer Support Team, providing vital support to his fellow firefighters.

David holds an Associates Degree in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and has a passion for promoting the well-being of first responders. Currently, he is undergoing treatment for both Multiple Myeloma and Mantle Cell Lymphoma, prioritizing his health, fitness, and maintaining a healthy diet. He also emphasizes the importance of a positive mindset and is an avid user of saunas.

Beyond his personal challenges, David is dedicated to making a positive impact. He shares his experiences through public speaking engagements, raising awareness about cancer struggles and highlighting the strength required to overcome them. He actively speaks about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by using his MEDS (Mindset, Exercising ,Diet, Sauna) system. He has traveled to Canada and spoken to the members of the Atlantic Provinces Professional Fire Fighters Association (APPFFA) and works with the Firefighter Cancer Initiative to spread awareness and utilizes social media and radio platforms to spread his message.

David’s commitment to supporting his community extends to his nonprofit organization, the Tiny Hero Foundation. This foundation raises funds for the children of fallen first responders and is in the process of establishing a mentoring program.

Overall, David Perez is an inspiring individual who demonstrates resilience, empathy, and a strong desire to improve the lives of others, both within and beyond the firefighting community.