Why Sponsor The FFSHC?

Corporate giving is an excellent opportunity for companies to increase their public image and connect with the needs of the fire service to further the mission of the Florida Firefighters Safety and Health Collaborative: “Our commitment is to focus on Firefighters Safety & Health by providing education, training, and sharing of best practices to minimize risks and exposure to our Florida Firefighters”.

The Florida Firefighters Safety and Health Collaborative is a 501c3 organization that centers on four pillars: firefighter cancer prevention, emotional and mental wellness, health & physical fitness and, safety on all emergency incidents.

Our resources are provided for free to encourage fire departments and safety advocates to provide the highest level of firefighter safety and health. Donations and sponsorship funds are utilized to further our mission. In specific funds will be used to manage the website, which allows personnel to download current and relevant firefighter safety and health information, fund programs such as Redline Rescue, a web portal that links firefighters and their families in crisis with skilled clinicians and peer support, as well as the direct delivery of programs such as the Clinician Awareness Training, Firefighter Decontamination Training, Peer Support, and Health and Safety courses.

While we value FFSHC sponsors, this should not be construed as an endorsement of any specific company or product.