Cancer Prevention

The purpose of the Firefighters Attacking the Cancer Epidemic (F.A.C.E.) Team is to identify all contributing factors to the alarming cancer rates among the members of the fire service. Read more…

Mental Wellness

The Florida Firefighters Safety and Health Collaborative (FFSHC) is committed to providing improved methods of hope and healing through education and training for our brothers and sisters so we do not continue a predictable and painful pattern of emotional, spiritual, and, ultimately, our physical detriment. Read more…

Firefighter Safety

The Florida Firefighter Safety and Health Collaborative (FFSHC) strives to improve overall firefighter safety through safer workplace practices, emergency response procedures, and emergency incident scene safety. Read more…

Health & Fitness

The Florida Firefighter Safety and Health Collaborative (FFSHC) Health and Fitness Team is an integral component designed to assist each individual firefighter as well as departmental needs towards taking an active role and providing a platform for a healthy first responder. Read more…

FFSHC Resources & Documents

FFSHC resources and materials may be used for all educational and non-profit purposes. We simply ask that you provide credit to the Florida Firefighters Safety and Health Collaborative when using them. Commercial use is prohibited. The content presented has been contributed by selfless First Responders and supporters in the industry. The Florida Firefighter Safety and Health Collaborative is built on the strong foundation of free information and sharing resources without agenda and strengthened by the rule of reciprocity. All of the information uploaded to this site is done so under the belief in value that it will be shared with others at NO COST.

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Peer Support Request Template, mental-wellness peer-support
PTE Checklist, mental-wellness peer-support
PTE AAR, mental-wellness peer-support
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Chaplaincy Coordinator Job Descriptionfire-chaplaincy mental-wellness
Assisting Agencies with Establishing a Chaplaincy Programfire-chaplaincy mental-wellness
Sample Fire Chaplain SOGfire-chaplaincy mental-wellness
Deployment Standards and Best Practicesfire-chaplaincy mental-wellness
Statement of Philosophyfire-chaplaincy mental-wellness
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Suicide Prevention Postersuicide-prevention mental-wellness
What Fire Chiefs Need To Know About Suicidesuicide-prevention mental-wellness
Suicide Whitepapersuicide-prevention mental-wellness
Zero Suicide – Preventionsuicide-prevention mental-wellness
Recognizing and Responding to Suicide Risksuicide-prevention mental-wellness
Preventing Suicide: A resource for police, firefighters and other first line responderssuicide-prevention mental-wellness
First responders: Behavioral health concerns, emergency response, and traumasuicide-prevention mental-wellness
First responders trauma intervention resource toolkitsuicide-prevention mental-wellness
Suicide Prevention Paul Combs Postersuicide-prevention mental-wellness
Suicide Awareness Poster – 2018suicide-prevention mental-wellness
Handbook for Survivors of Suicidesuicide-prevention mental-wellness
Resources for Suicide Loss Suvivorssuicide-prevention mental-wellness
Psychological Survival Guide – North River Fire Districtsuicide-prevention mental-wellness
Spouse Support – UCF RESTORES – 2019suicide-prevention mental-wellness
Suicide Guide for Fire Chiefs – NFFF – 2013suicide-prevention mental-wellness
Suicide Questionnaire – FFBHA – 2011suicide-prevention mental-wellness
Suicide Prevention Poster – Miami Dade – 2017suicide-prevention mental-wellness
Suicide and Public Safety Officers Disciplinary, Medical and Compensation Issues – Law Journal – 2007suicide-prevention mental-wellness
Preventing Suicide A Resource For Police, Firefighters, And Other First Line Responders – WHO – 2009suicide-prevention mental-wellness
Mental Trauma and Resiliency In The Fire Service (PowerPoint)suicide-prevention mental-wellness
Managers Guide Post Suicide in Workplacesuicide-prevention mental-wellness
Confronting Suicide in the Fire Service Strategies for Intervention & Preventionsuicide-prevention mental-wellness
Traumatic Event Stress Information – UCF RESTORES – 2019suicide-prevention mental-wellness
Downtime after Critical Incidents in Emergency Medical Technicians/Paramedicssuicide-prevention mental-wellness
Confronting Suicide in the Fire Service Strategies for Intervention & Preventionsuicide-prevention mental-wellness
Best Practices for Presentations by Suicide Loss and Suicide Attempt Survivorssuicide-prevention mental-wellness
Beyond Surviving: Suggestions for Survivorssuicide-prevention mental-wellness
Risk Mgmt Plan- St Petersburgsafety-resources mental-wellness
Risk Management Plan, Dynamic Risk Assessment – St Petersburgsafety-resources mental-wellness
First Responder Behavioral Health Concernspolicies-procedures mental-wellness
How to Best Support a Firepolicies-procedures mental-wellness
Sleep During a Crisispolicies-procedures mental-wellness
Sample Peer Support Policies PDpolicies-procedures mental-wellness
Supporting Mental Health in First Responders – British Columbiapolicies-procedures mental-wellness
Florida PTSD Bill Factspolicies-procedures mental-wellness
Peer Support Team – Orlando Policypolicies-procedures mental-wellness
PEER SUPPORT TEAM GUIDELINES Loveland Fire Rescuepolicies-procedures mental-wellness
Behavioral Health Program Recommendations – FFBHA – 2017policies-procedures mental-wellness
Chaplain Policy – Model SOGpolicies-procedures mental-wellness
Mental Wellness Program – Coral Springs – 2020policies-procedures mental-wellness
Mental Health Resource Guide – Florida 2020policies-procedures mental-wellness
First Responder Burnout Articlepolicies-procedures mental-wellness
Behavioral Health Assistance Program – BHAP – Broward Fire Chiefspolicies-procedures mental-wellness
Making a World of Difference – EDC Brochurepolicies-procedures mental-wellness
Chaplain Program – Model Policypolicies-procedures mental-wellness
Behavioral Health Collaborative – Central Floridapolicies-procedures mental-wellness
Best Practices in Behavioral Wellness for Emergency Responderspolicies-procedures mental-wellness
Clinician Ride Time Form – FFSHC – 2018clinician-awareness-program
Yellow Ribbon Reportpeer-support mental-wellness
Traumatic Events – UCF RESTORES – 2019peer-support mental-wellness
Surfside Surveypeer-support mental-wellness
Surfside Strong Flyerpeer-support mental-wellness
St. Petersburg Fire Rescue Behavioral Health Assistance Programpeer-support mental-wellness
Behavioral Health Assistance Program – St Petersburgpeer-support mental-wellness
Peer Support Reference – St Petersburgpeer-support mental-wellness
Peer Support Program SOG – Midway Firepeer-support mental-wellness
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorderpeer-support mental-wellness
Redline Rescue Flyerpeer-support mental-wellness
Peer Support Manual – Policepeer-support mental-wellness
Peer Support Team- Orlando Policypeer-support mental-wellness
Prehospital Behavioral Emergencies and Crisis Response – AAOSpeer-support mental-wellness
Firefighter Manual Support Informationpeer-support mental-wellness
Peer Training Manual – Broward Sheriffpeer-support mental-wellness
Peer Support Team Application – Orlandopeer-support mental-wellness
PEER SUPPORT PROGRAM SOG – Pinellas Park – Midway Firepeer-support mental-wellness
Peer Support Overviewpeer-support mental-wellness
Peer Program Members Selection – FFSHC – 2017peer-support mental-wellness
Peer Support Tracking Formpeer-support mental-wellness
Peer Support Team – Orlando Flyerpeer-support mental-wellness
Peer Support Mission Statement – Orlandopeer-support mental-wellness
OFFBA Peer Support Team Board of Directorspeer-support mental-wellness
Switchboard – South Florida Council of Firefighterspeer-support mental-wellness
Surviving the Repelling Events and Staying Sane – Canton – 2002peer-support mental-wellness
Peer Support Program – Jacksonville – 2016peer-support mental-wellness
Marriage & Relationship Guidebook – Law Enforcement – 2015peer-support mental-wellness
Guide To Funeral And Memorial Services – Palm Beach County – 2012peer-support mental-wellness
Peer Support – Iona McGregor – 2011peer-support mental-wellness
Illinois Peer Support Manual – 2016peer-support mental-wellness
III-F-14 Revised CISM & Peer Support Policy 10416 – Miami Dade – 2016peer-support mental-wellness
Behvorial Health Flow Chart – St Petersburgpeer-support mental-wellness
Peer SupportActivation Cardpeer-support mental-wellness
Florida USAR Demobilization Mental Wellness Follow Up Planpeer-support mental-wellness
Critical Incident Stress Management – Miami Dade – 2017peer-support mental-wellness
Central Florida Peer Support Resourcespeer-support mental-wellness
CISM Lessons Learned from Newton Tragedy – Connecticut State Police – 2013peer-support mental-wellness
Fire Service Behavioral Health Management Guidepeer-support mental-wellness
Firestrong – St Petersburgpeer-support mental-wellness
Peer Support Team Guidelines – Ft Lauderdale Local 765peer-support mental-wellness
10 Steps to Build Peer Support Programpeer-support mental-wellness
Stress Continuum – 2nd Alarmpeer-support mental-wellness
Substance Abuse Resources for Veteranshealth-resources mental-wellness
Obesity in the Fire Service – NVFC – 2011health-resources mental-wellness
Booklet- COVID19 -care for your familyhealth-resources mental-wellness
Tips for Clinicians when doing a critical incident fire station visitclinicians-eap mental-wellness
What Clinicians Working With Firefighters Need To Know About Suicideclinicians-eap mental-wellness
Rosetta Stone Clinician Awareness Program – FFSHC – 2017clinicians-eap mental-wellness
PTSD Questions – FFBHA – 2011clinicians-eap mental-wellness
Mental Health Self Assessment Tool – Miami Dade – 2017clinicians-eap mental-wellness
Mental Health Self Assessment Tool 2 – Miami Dade – 2017clinicians-eap mental-wellness
A Proactive Approach to Ensuring Mental Wellness – VCOS – 2017clinicians-eap mental-wellness
EAP to BHAP Guideclinicians-eap mental-wellness
Clinician List South Floridaclinicians-eap mental-wellness
Clinician List Central Floridaclinicians-eap mental-wellness
Fire Service Behavioral Health Management Guideclinicians-eap mental-wellness
Surrendered Infant SOPstandard-operating-guidelines firefighter-safety
Traffic Incident Mgmt – PBGFD – 2018standard-operating-guidelines firefighter-safety
Fire Attack – PBCFR – 2018standard-operating-guidelines firefighter-safety
FITNESS ASSESSMENT PROCEDURES – PBCFR – 2014standard-operating-guidelines firefighter-safety
POST INCIDENT ANALYSIS QUESTIONNAIRE – PBVCFRstandard-operating-guidelines firefighter-safety
SOG Rehabilitation Sector – Messa Fire – 2013standard-operating-guidelines firefighter-safety
Safety Committee – Coral Springs – 2018standard-operating-guidelines firefighter-safety
Rapid Intervention Crew – PBCFR – 2018standard-operating-guidelines firefighter-safety
Traffic Mgmt – PBCFR – 2019standard-operating-guidelines firefighter-safety
Safety Message – Wildfirespolicies-protocols firefighter-safety
TRAFFIC INCIDENT MANAGEMENT – MDFR – 2019policies-protocols firefighter-safety
16 Life Safety Initiatives – Strategic Vision – 2017policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Incident Safety Officer – City of Jacksonville Fire – 2015policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Health & Safety Officer SOG – City of Jacksonville Fire – 2016policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Risk Mgmt Report Guide – PBCFR – 2019policies-protocols firefighter-safety
RAPID INTERVENTION CREW – MDFR – 2015policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Safety Messages – Hurricane – PBCFRpolicies-protocols firefighter-safety
Safety Message – Dignitarypolicies-protocols firefighter-safety
Safety Message – Covid – PBCFRpolicies-protocols firefighter-safety
Aerial Ops SOG – PBCFR – 2018policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Rehab SOG – PBCFR – 2018policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Roof Ops SOG – PBCFR – 2018policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Safety Message – Hurricanepolicies-protocols firefighter-safety
CONTINUOUS QUALITY IMPROVEMENT – PBCFR – 2104policies-protocols firefighter-safety
TRAINING – PBCFR – 2011policies-protocols firefighter-safety
VEHICLE APPARATUS SAFETY – PBCFR – 2016policies-protocols firefighter-safety
LINE OF DUTY DEATH-REPORTING PROCEDURES – PBCFR – 2018policies-protocols firefighter-safety
FIREGROUND PROCEDURES – MDFR – 2018policies-protocols firefighter-safety
National Safety Culture Change Initiative – USFA – 2015policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Health and Safety – Davie Fire Rescue – 2016policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Risk Management Plan – St. Cloud – 2014policies-protocols firefighter-safety
FF Autopsy Protocol – USFA -2008policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Joint Safety Committee – St Lucie County – 2017policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Facility Station Inspection Checklist – NFPA – 2017policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Health and Safety Call Out – Jacksonville Fire – 2013policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Safety Captains SOG – Orange County – 2008policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Fire Station Design – USFA – 2018policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Active Killer SOG – Coral Springs – 2018policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Violent Incident Response SOG – Coral Springs -2018policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Safety Messages – Covidpolicies-protocols firefighter-safety
CLANDESTINE AND HYDROPONICS DRUG LABS – MDFR – 2018policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Safety Message – Civil Unrestpolicies-protocols firefighter-safety
Safety Officer Job Description – 2018policies-protocols firefighter-safety
The Broward County League Of Cities’ School And Community Public Safety Task Forcepolicies-protocols firefighter-safety
FF Safety Policypolicies-protocols firefighter-safety
ACTIVE SHOOTER INCIDENTS – MDFR – 2017policies-protocols firefighter-safety
High – Low Angle Rescue – PBCFR – 2018policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Confined Space Entry and Rescue – PBCFR – 1998policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Active Shooter Hostile Event Response-Mass Casualty Incident – PBCFR – 2018policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Infectious – Contagious Disease – PBCFR – 2018policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Rehabilitation – PBCFR – 2018policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Vehicle Accidents – PBCFR – 2018policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Safety Officers – PBCFR – 2018policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Emergency and Non-Emergency Response – PBCFR – 2018policies-protocols firefighter-safety
Wildland FF & – Rhabdomyolysis – CDC – 2018personal-safety firefighter-safety
Structural FF & Rhabdomyolysis – CDC – 2018personal-safety firefighter-safety
Effects of Energy Drinks – 2019personal-safety firefighter-safety
Body Armor Policy – Model SOGpersonal-safety firefighter-safety
Emerging Health & Safety Issues Among Women in Fire Service – USFA – 2019personal-safety firefighter-safety
Situational Awareness – PBCFR – 2018personal-safety firefighter-safety
Response to Violent Incidents – PBCFR – 2018personal-safety firefighter-safety
Response to Known & Unknown Hostile Incidents – Palm Beach Gardens – 2019fireground-safety firefighter-safety
Surfside Collapse – Review – 2021fireground-safety firefighter-safety
Responding to Hostile Incidents – Davie – 2019fireground-safety firefighter-safety
Heat Stress/Dehydrationfireground-safety firefighter-safety
Response to Scenes of Violence – Orlando Fire – 2017fireground-safety firefighter-safety
Ballistic Protective Equipment Use, Care & Maintenance – Davie – 2019fireground-safety firefighter-safety
Apparatus Safety – PBCFR – 2018fireground-safety firefighter-safety
Traffic Operations – PCFR – 2018fireground-safety firefighter-safety
BODY ARMOR – Miami Dadefireground-safety firefighter-safety
ACTIVE SHOOTER HOSTILE EVENT RESPONSE – Miami Dade – 2019fireground-safety firefighter-safety
Active Shooter Guide – USFA – 2013fireground-safety firefighter-safety
Response to Scenes of Violence – St. Cloud – 2014fireground-safety firefighter-safety
Safety Action Team – Boca – 2017fireground-safety firefighter-safety
Civil Unrest – FEMAfireground-safety firefighter-safety
Accident Investigation Guidebook – VFIS – 1999fireground-safety firefighter-safety
Structure Fire SOG – Jacksonville Fire – 2015fireground-safety firefighter-safety
Emergency REHAB – Jacksonville Fire – 2016fireground-safety firefighter-safety
Safe Positioning in Trafficfireground-safety firefighter-safety
Civil Unrest SOGfireground-safety firefighter-safety
Fire Attack Operations – PBCFR – 2018fireground-safety firefighter-safety
Atmospheric Monitors – PBCFR – 2018fireground-safety firefighter-safety
Mayday – PBCFR – 2018fireground-safety firefighter-safety
Personal Accountability – PBCFR – 2018fireground-safety firefighter-safety
Cardiovascular/Chemical Exposure During Training – 2019fireground-safety firefighter-safety
Residential Fire Prevention Guideequipment firefighter-safety
Radio Performance Exposed to Elevated Temps – NISTequipment firefighter-safety
Portable Radio Placement IDLH – Fairfax County – 2013equipment firefighter-safety
Personal Protective Equipment – St. Cloud – 2014equipment firefighter-safety
Mandatory Use of SCBA – Indianapolis Fire – 2013equipment firefighter-safety
Use of SCBA – Broward – 2016equipment firefighter-safety
TRAINING – PBCFR – 2011firefighter-safety
IAAI 9/11 Report – 2021firefighter-safety
Task Book – Decontamination of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Post Firepersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Task Book – Decontamination of Helmets (Post Fire)personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Task Book – Decontamination of Gloves – Post Firepersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Task Book – Decontamination of Bunker Gearecontamination of Boots. (Leather and Rubber)personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Task Book – Decontamination of Bunker Gearpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Vancouver PPE Delivery – 2019personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Fire Investigator PPE – Tucson Fire – 2019personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
PPE for Investigators – Tucson Fire Dept – 2018personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
PROTECTIVE CLOTHING & EQUIPMENT – PACKAGING for CLEANING – Vancouver – 2019personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
PROTECTIVE CLOTHING & EQUIPMENT – INSPECTION & CLEANING – Vancouver -2019personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
San Antonio PPE Delivery – 2019personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Fluorochemicals – Powerpointpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Respiratory Protection in Warm Zone – 2018personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
PPE Room Design – 2018personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Posts Fire Decon – Lake Ozark, MO – 2019personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Protective Equipment – St Petersburg – 2020personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Protective Particulate Hood Exchange Program – St Petersburg -2019personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Protective Particulate Hood Exchange Program – St Petersburg -2020personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
PFAS – UBA Clothingpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Personal Safety for Investigators -2020personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Respiratory Protection – PBCFR – 2017personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Half Mask, VOC Cartridge, Gas Monitors – PBCFR – 2018personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Atmospheric Monitors SOG – Palm Beach – 2018personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Atmospheric Monitors – PBCFR – 2019personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Hood Replacement – Lake Ozark, MO – 2019personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Guide to Cancer Prevention through PPE – Globepersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Storage of PPE Chart – Orange County FL – 2019personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Ft Lauderdale PPE Delivery – 2019personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
FIREFIGHTING CARCINOGEN EXPOSURE REDUCTION – PBCFR – 2016personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
FIREFIGHTING HOOD CLEANING, MAINTENANCE AND EXCHANGE – MCFR – 2018personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Fire Investigator Best Practices – IAAI – 2018personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Fire Investigation Respiratory Protection Fact Sheetpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Firefighting Hood Maintenance Policy – Palm Beach – 2016personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
PPE SOP – Indianapolis – 2015personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
PPE Maintenance – Broward -2016personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
PPE Directives – City of Seminole – 2013personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Environmental Monitoring – 2017personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Exposure to Smoke Overview – 2018personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
City of Miami PPE Delivery – 2019personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
PPE Care – Clearwater – 2018personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Respiratory Protection for Investigators – PBCFR – 2017personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
PPE – Clearwater FR – 2018personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Atmospheric Monitors – PBCFR – 2018personal-protection-equipment face-team-resources
Wildland FF Smoke & Cancer Study – 2018other face-team-resources
The First Independent Certification for PFASother face-team-resources
low dose effects & endocrine disrupting chemicalsother face-team-resources
PFAS_Fact_Sheet_AFFF_April2020other face-team-resources
Matschke Study – PAH’s in Ottawa FFother face-team-resources
Ottawa FF – Exposures to PAHsother face-team-resources
Urinary Biomarkers to Assess Exposures to PAHsother face-team-resources
IFF70_Ross_v2other face-team-resources
Exposure Reduction SOG – Orange County – 2018other face-team-resources
PPE/Hood/Glove Exchange – Coral Springs – 2018other face-team-resources
Florida Cancer Rules – Fire Marshal Officeother face-team-resources
FF Cancer Claim Form – Coral Springs 2019other face-team-resources
FEMA -PFAS Legislation Continues to Evolveother face-team-resources
Atmospheric Monitors/Half Mask – Palm Beach County – 2017other face-team-resources
Firefighting Carcinogen Exposure Reduction – Palm Beach County – 2016other face-team-resources
Cancer Prevention – Indianapolis – 2015other face-team-resources PFAS free firefighting foamother face-team-resources
Investigator Risk Assessment – Canada -2019other face-team-resources
FF Cancer Benefit Forms – Coral Springs 2019other face-team-resources
Canadian Cohort FF Cancer Study – Ryerson University – 2018other face-team-resources
Wellness Grant – Osceola – 2011grants face-team-resources
Hospital Readmission Reduction Program – EMS Grant – 2018grants face-team-resources
Naloxone – Heroes – 2019grants face-team-resources
Atmospheric Monitors – AFG – 2017grants face-team-resources
Diesel Exhaust AFG – PBCFR – 2018grants face-team-resources
Open Letter Announcementf-a-c-e-initiatives-open-letters face-team-resources
FFSHC F.A.C.E. Open Letter #2 – June 2018f-a-c-e-initiatives-open-letters face-team-resources
FFSHC F.A.C.E. Open Letter #1 – June 2018f-a-c-e-initiatives-open-letters face-team-resources
Best Practices for Preventing FF Cancer – 2018education face-team-resources
Best Practices – Tucson Fire – 2018education face-team-resources
Soot parcels found on Fetus – Ottawaeducation face-team-resources
Containment Control – NFPA – 2018education face-team-resources
Fire Service Contamination Control – NFPA – 2018education face-team-resources
Flame Retardants & FF Exposure Health – Minnesota – 2016education face-team-resources
Reduce Your Cancer Risk – FDNY – 2018education face-team-resources
Actions to Reduce Cancer in FF – Interagency Board – 2016education face-team-resources
Preventing Cancer Poster – Multiple Agencies – 2018education face-team-resources
Firefighters & Cancer Risk Flyer – Montgomery County Fireeducation face-team-resources
Lavender Ribbon Report – 2018education face-team-resources
Healthy Firefighter – Sweden Model – 2015education face-team-resources
Senate Bill 426 Firefighter Cancer Benefits – 2019education face-team-resources
Firefighters and Asbestoseducation face-team-resources
Engine Exhaust in Fire Station – Dept of Laboreducation face-team-resources
Fire Investigator Physical Exam Lettereducation face-team-resources
Preliminary Exposure Reduction Pledge – Polk County -2019education face-team-resources
Fire Investigator Best Practices Quick Factseducation face-team-resources
Best Practices Manual – Washington State – 2017education face-team-resources
Prevention Poster 2 – San Antonio – 2017education face-team-resources
Prevention Poster – San Antonio – 2017education face-team-resources
FF Cancer Fact Sheet – FCSNeducation face-team-resources
European Prevention – Avoid FF Cancereducation face-team-resources
Health and Safety Initiatives – Davie FR – 2020education face-team-resources
FF Cancer Prevention – New York State – 2019education face-team-resources
Cancer Alliance Report – 2016education face-team-resources
Cancer Prevention Checklist – Ontario – 2019education face-team-resources
FF CA Powerpoint- Jacksonville – 2019education face-team-resources
Best Practices – Fire Investigator -2020education face-team-resources
Cancer Prevention – Bend FR – 2020education face-team-resources
Fire Investigators – Respiratory & Dermal Protectioneducation face-team-resources
Airborne Contaminates During Controlled Residential Fireseducation face-team-resources
Pilot study on the efficiency of water-only decontamination for firefighters’ turnout geardecontamination face-team-resources
Vancouver Gear Cleaning SOGdecontamination face-team-resources
Gross Decon- Coral Springs – 2018decontamination face-team-resources
Structural FF Deco SOG – Orange County – 2018decontamination face-team-resources
Post Incident Decon – Fern Creek FD – 2018decontamination face-team-resources
Saunas and FF Cancerdecontamination face-team-resources
Rebuttal to Sauna for FF Cancer – Canadadecontamination face-team-resources
Post Fire Decontamination for Firefighting Personnel – St Petersburg – 2020decontamination face-team-resources
PPE Care & Cleaning – PBCFR – 2015decontamination face-team-resources
Ottawa PAH/Metal Contaminates in Fires – 2019decontamination face-team-resources
Shower Within the Hour – Jacksonville Fire – 2018decontamination face-team-resources
Gross Decon SOG – Orange County – 2018decontamination face-team-resources
How Clean is Clean – Powerpointdecontamination face-team-resources
Gross Decon Steps – Orange County – 2018decontamination face-team-resources
FIREFIGHTING HOOD MAINTENANCE – PBCFR – 2016decontamination face-team-resources
Leather vs. Rubber Boots in Decon Testsdecontamination face-team-resources
FIREGROUND CONTAMINATION REDUCTION PROGRAM – MDFR – 2019decontamination face-team-resources
FF Hoods Contamination, Efficiency of Launderingdecontamination face-team-resources
Sauna Post Fire Decon SOG – Delray Fire – 2019decontamination face-team-resources
Post Fire Gross Decon FOG – F.A.C.E. – 2018decontamination face-team-resources
Gear & Equip Decon – Dunedin – 2013decontamination face-team-resources
Post Fire Decon SOG – Delray – 2016decontamination face-team-resources
Prevention – Post Fire Decon – Orlando – 2016decontamination face-team-resources
Hood Carcinogen Mitigation – Broward – 2016decontamination face-team-resources
Decontamination – City of Orlando- 2015decontamination face-team-resources
Post Fire Decon Kit – New York State – 2019decontamination face-team-resources
Gross Decon – Palm Beach Gardens FR – 2020decontamination face-team-resources
Decon Layoutdecontamination face-team-resources
Statewide Florida Decon Bucketsdecontamination face-team-resources
Contaiminaion of PPE and Effectiveness of Decondecontamination face-team-resources
Cleaning & Disinfecting 3M Half Maskdecontamination face-team-resources
Decon for Suppression Incident – Canada – 2018decontamination face-team-resources
Charlotte County – Post Fire Decon – 2019decontamination face-team-resources
Decon – Clearwater FR – 2018decontamination face-team-resources
Post Fire Gross Decontamination – PBCFR – 2018decontamination face-team-resources
Assessment of the toxicity of firefighter exposures using the PAH CALUX bioassaydecontamination face-team-resources
Post Fire Decon – Cape Corl – 2019decontamination face-team-resources
Firefighting and PFAS Foamsface-team-resources
Characterizing firefighter’s exposure to over 130 SVOCsface-team-resources
Antibody Testing – Univ of Miamiwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Mitigate Absenteeism by Protecting Emergency Medical Servicework-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Guidelines for COVID-19 Fire Station Exposure Reductionwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Return to Work Guidelinework-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
QUARANTINE GUIDANCE FOR FIRE AND EMS RESPONDERSwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Covid 19 Workplace Practices/Social Distancingwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Fire Stations and Coronavirus Precautionswork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
First Responder Guidancework-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
FBI Indictaors Fraud PPE Productswork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
CDC Clean & Disinfect Recommendationswork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
COVID-19 Daily PPE, Station Life, Medical Screening & Visitorswork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Station Cleaning Checklistwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
No Documented Exposure to a COVID-19 Patient: Return to Work Guidelineswork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Apparatus Cleaning After Exposure to PUI or COVID-19 Patientwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Transport and Decon Procedureswork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Transport Unit & Equipment Decontaminationwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Daily Infection Prevention Flow-Chartwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Coronavirus Preventive Measures and Employee Health and Safety Guidelineswork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
COVID-19 Return to Work Guidelinework-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
COVID-19 Screening and Decision-Making Algorithmwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
A Seattle Intensivist’s One-pager on COVID-19work-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Post-Exposure/Quarantine Symptom Monitoring Trackerwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Stress Management Informationstress-reduction covid-19 firefighter-safety
Staying Groundedstress-reduction covid-19 firefighter-safety
Mental health and psychosocial considerations during the COVID-19 outbreakstress-reduction covid-19 firefighter-safety
COVID-19 Behavioral Health for First Responders and Family Membersstress-reduction covid-19 firefighter-safety
Effectiveness of Ultraviolet Devices and Fogging Systems for Room Decontaminationcleaning-disinfecting covid-19 firefighter-safety
Novel Coronavirus Fighting Productscleaning-disinfecting covid-19 firefighter-safety
The State of Florida Resourcescovid-19 firefighter-safety
Self-Monitoring Home Instructionsfamily-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in Homes & Residential Communitiesfamily-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Managing Patient and Family Distressfamily-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Interim Guidance for Implementing Home Care of People Not Requiring Hospitalization for COVID-19family-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Helping Families Cope at Homefamily-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Interim Guidance for Implementing Home Care of People Not Requiring Hospitalization for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)family-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
First Responders Guide to Family Disaster Plan During COVID-19family-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
COVID-19 Testing Sitesfamily-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
10 Things You Can Do To Manage Your Health At Homefamily-information covid-19 firefighter-safety
Isolation and Quarantinepolicies covid-19 firefighter-safety
Firefighting COVID-19policies covid-19 firefighter-safety
Joint Health & Safety Alertpolicies covid-19 firefighter-safety
Isolation/Quarantine-Home/Facility Guidelinespolicies covid-19 firefighter-safety
COVID-19 Exposed/Sick Employee Algorithmpolicies covid-19 firefighter-safety
Getting Started with Telehealthpolicies covid-19 firefighter-safety
Clean Cab Procedures and Response – St Petersburg – 2020apparatus face-team-resources
Vehicle Exhaust Removal System – Town of PB – 2016apparatus face-team-resources
MagneGrip Vehicle Exhaust – Delray – 2016apparatus face-team-resources
Apparatus near Bay – City Miami – 2016apparatus face-team-resources
Clean Cab Concept – Coral Springs – 2019apparatus face-team-resources
Carcinogen Reduction Planapparatus face-team-resources
Clean Cab Outline – Coral Springs – 2018apparatus face-team-resources
Clean Cab SOG – Coral Springs – 2017apparatus face-team-resources
Clean Cab – Fire Engineering – 2019apparatus face-team-resources
Statewide Florida Decon FOGstate-face-team-recommendations face-team-resources
Fire Investigator Respiratory Protection Fact Sheetstate-face-team-recommendations face-team-resources
Fire Investigator Physical Exam Letterstate-face-team-recommendations face-team-resources
Fire Investigator Health and Safety Best Practices 2020state-face-team-recommendations face-team-resources
Fire Investigator Health and Safety Top Tipsstate-face-team-recommendations face-team-resources
Fire Investigator BestPractices Quick Factsstate-face-team-recommendations face-team-resources
Personal Safety for Investigators -2020state-face-team-recommendations face-team-resources
FF Cancer Proclamation – PBCFR – 2021state-face-team-recommendations face-team-resources
FCI Clinic Tour Powerpointstate-face-team-recommendations face-team-resources
Post Fire On Scene Decon – FFSHC State FACE – 2017state-face-team-recommendations face-team-resources
Health & Wellness Guide – USFA – 2009health-and-fitness
Joint Labor/Mgmt Wellness Fitness Program – WFI – 2017health-and-fitness
Respiratory Diseases in FF – FEMA – 2010health-and-fitness
Wellness Fitness Initiative Peer Program – WFI – 2017health-and-fitness
SMOKING IN THE WORKPLACE – PBCFR – 2015health-and-fitness
Shift-Based Program Scheduling for Firefighters – NSCA – 2017health-and-fitness
Addressing the Epidemic of Obesity in the United States Fire Service – NVFC – 2011health-and-fitness
Health & Wellness Manual – Portland – 2006health-and-fitness
FITNESS TRAINING – PBCFR – 2016health-and-fitness
Firefighter Physicals – Coral Springs – 2019health-and-fitness
Cardiac Enlargement in FF – NFFF – 2017health-and-fitness
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