Course Description:

The Train the Trainer class provides an extensive understanding of firefighter culture, lingo, lifestyle and details about the unique stressors the job entails.

This training includes classroom learning, engaging in realistic scenarios, immersion in fire stations and interacting with firefighters. Following your successful completion of the 101 initial training, candidates will be required to complete future offerings of the 201, co-teach/assist with class preparation with existing trainers, and 301, teach on your own trainings, in order to complete their cert.

Train The Trainer Registration

This series of courses will provide you with the necessary resources, experience, and knowledge to instruct and host the Clinician Awareness Program (CAP). There are four individual required core requirements before an individual can apply to host a (CAP) class. The 101-core class for Trainer candidates is offered at each CAP program. Each core class must be completed prior to proceeding to the next class.

  • 101: Observing training and assisting with clinicians
  • 201: Lead squad and present
  • 301: Lead squad, present, and Mentor 101
  • 401: Host a class under supervision