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TitleCategoriesFile SizeFile Typehf:doc_categorieshf:file_type
10 Steps to Build Peer Support Program245 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
A Proactive Approach to Ensuring Mental Wellness – VCOS – 20173 MBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
Assisting Agencies with Establishing a Chaplaincy Program139 KBpdffire-chaplaincy mental-wellnesspdf
Behavioral Health Assistance Program – BHAP – Broward Fire Chiefs46 KBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
Behavioral Health Assistance Program – St Petersburg66 KBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Behavioral Health Collaborative – Central Florida14 KBdocxpolicies-procedures mental-wellnessdocx
Behavioral Health Program Recommendations – FFBHA – 201727 KBdocpolicies-procedures mental-wellnessdoc
Behvorial Health Flow Chart – St Petersburg139 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Best Practices for Presentations by Suicide Loss and Suicide Attempt Survivors111 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Best Practices in Behavioral Wellness for Emergency Responders2 MBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
Beyond Surviving: Suggestions for Survivors300 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Booklet- COVID19 -care for your family482 KBpdfhealth-resources mental-wellnesspdf
Central Florida Peer Support Resources14 KBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Chaplain Policy – Model SOG55 KBdocpolicies-procedures mental-wellnessdoc
Chaplain Program – Model Policy55 KBdocpolicies-procedures mental-wellnessdoc
Chaplaincy Coordinator Job Description132 KBpdffire-chaplaincy mental-wellnesspdf
CISM Lessons Learned from Newton Tragedy – Connecticut State Police – 2013342 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Clinician List Central Florida128 KBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
Clinician List South Florida697 KBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
Confronting Suicide in the Fire Service Strategies for Intervention & Prevention461 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Confronting Suicide in the Fire Service Strategies for Intervention & Prevention2 MBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Critical Incident Stress Management – Miami Dade – 20172 MBpptxpeer-support mental-wellnesspptx
Deployment Standards and Best Practices146 KBpdffire-chaplaincy mental-wellnesspdf
Downtime after Critical Incidents in Emergency Medical Technicians/Paramedics1 MBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
EAP to BHAP Guide299 KBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
Fire Service Behavioral Health Management Guide3 MBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
Fire Service Behavioral Health Management Guide3 MBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Firefighter Manual Support Information719 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Firestrong – St Petersburg7 MBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
First Responder Behavioral Health Concerns263 KBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
First Responder Burnout Article153 KBdocxpolicies-procedures mental-wellnessdocx
First responders trauma intervention resource toolkit92 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
First responders: Behavioral health concerns, emergency response, and trauma297 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Florida PTSD Bill Facts328 KBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
Florida USAR Demobilization Mental Wellness Follow Up Plan911 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Guide To Funeral And Memorial Services – Palm Beach County – 20121 MBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Handbook for Survivors of Suicide271 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
How to Best Support a Fire2 MBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
III-F-14 Revised CISM & Peer Support Policy 10416 – Miami Dade – 2016419 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Illinois Peer Support Manual – 20165 MBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Making a World of Difference – EDC Brochure7 MBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
Managers Guide Post Suicide in Workplace2 MBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Marriage & Relationship Guidebook – Law Enforcement – 2015777 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Mental Health Resource and Response Guide17 MBdocxmental-wellnessdocx
Mental Health Resource Guide – Florida 2020289 KBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
Mental Health Self Assessment Tool – Miami Dade – 2017252 KBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
Mental Health Self Assessment Tool 2 – Miami Dade – 2017252 KBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
Mental Trauma and Resiliency In The Fire Service (PowerPoint)14 MBpptxsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspptx
Mental Wellness Program – Coral Springs – 20203 MBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
Obesity in the Fire Service – NVFC – 2011980 KBpdfhealth-resources mental-wellnesspdf
OFFBA Peer Support Team Board of Directors15 KBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Peer Program Members Selection – FFSHC – 201757 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Peer Support – Iona McGregor – 20118 MBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Peer Support Manual – Police1 MBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Peer Support Mission Statement – Orlando11 KBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Peer Support Overview820 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Peer Support Program – Jacksonville – 201636 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Peer Support Program SOG – Midway Fire263 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
PEER SUPPORT PROGRAM SOG – Pinellas Park – Midway Fire17 KBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Peer Support Reference – St Petersburg675 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Peer Support Request Template, 13 KBdocxmental-wellness peer-supportdocx
Peer Support Team – Orlando Flyer3 MBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Peer Support Team – Orlando Policy21 KBdocxpolicies-procedures mental-wellnessdocx
Peer Support Team Application – Orlando38 KBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Peer Support Team Guidelines – Ft Lauderdale Local 765282 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
PEER SUPPORT TEAM GUIDELINES Loveland Fire Rescue542 KBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
Peer Support Team- Orlando Policy25 KBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Peer Support Tracking Form29 KBxlsxpeer-support mental-wellnessxlsx
Peer SupportActivation Card16 MBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Peer Training Manual – Broward Sheriff1 MBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder124 KBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Prehospital Behavioral Emergencies and Crisis Response – AAOS1 MBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Preventing Suicide A Resource For Police, Firefighters, And Other First Line Responders – WHO – 2009151 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Preventing Suicide: A resource for police, firefighters and other first line responders92 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Psychological Survival Guide – North River Fire District8 MBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
PTE AAR, 18 KBdocxmental-wellness peer-supportdocx
PTE Checklist, 36 KBdocxmental-wellness peer-supportdocx
PTSD Questions – FFBHA – 2011278 KBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
Recognizing and Responding to Suicide Risk92 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Redline Rescue Flyer152 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Resources for Suicide Loss Suvivors81 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Risk Management Plan, Dynamic Risk Assessment – St Petersburg119 KBpdfsafety-resources mental-wellnesspdf
Risk Mgmt Plan- St Petersburg178 KBpdfsafety-resources mental-wellnesspdf
Rosetta Stone Clinician Awareness Program – FFSHC – 2017440 KBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
Sample Fire Chaplain SOG98 KBpdffire-chaplaincy mental-wellnesspdf
Sample Peer Support Policies PD633 KBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
Sleep During a Crisis21 KBdocxpolicies-procedures mental-wellnessdocx
Spouse Support – UCF RESTORES – 201941 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
St. Petersburg Fire Rescue Behavioral Health Assistance Program66 KBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Statement of Philosophy136 KBpdffire-chaplaincy mental-wellnesspdf
Stress Continuum – 2nd Alarm184 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Substance Abuse Resources for Veterans13 KBdocxhealth-resources mental-wellnessdocx
Suicide and Public Safety Officers Disciplinary, Medical and Compensation Issues – Law Journal – 200790 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Suicide Awareness Poster – 20183 MBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Suicide Guide for Fire Chiefs – NFFF – 20131 MBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Suicide Prevention Paul Combs Poster577 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Suicide Prevention Poster216 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Suicide Prevention Poster – Miami Dade – 2017577 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Suicide Questionnaire – FFBHA – 2011676 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Suicide Whitepaper288 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Supporting Mental Health in First Responders – British Columbia198 KBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
Surfside Strong Flyer971 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Surfside Survey187 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Surviving the Repelling Events and Staying Sane – Canton – 2002155 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Switchboard – South Florida Council of Firefighters246 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Tips for Clinicians when doing a critical incident fire station visit114 KBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
Traumatic Event Stress Information – UCF RESTORES – 201938 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Traumatic Events – UCF RESTORES – 201942 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
What Clinicians Working With Firefighters Need To Know About Suicide1 MBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
What Fire Chiefs Need To Know About Suicide1 MBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Yellow Ribbon Report1 MBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Zero Suicide – Prevention775 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf