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Throughout the year, Clinician Awareness Program classes are offered throughout the State of Florida. To view upcoming dates and locations, please visit our events calendar.

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Upcoming Classes

Panama City
June 27-28

North Collier (Naples)
August 1 – 2
Registration is closed for the Naples Class

This is Part 1 of a two-day full immersion course designed for clinicians and healthcare providers who desire to gain insight about the unique firefighter culture in order to be more effective in treating firefighters. The class provides a comprehensive look into understanding the culture, lingo, lifestyle of firefighters and details about their unique job stressors. This training is comprised of both classroom and live scenarios. This includes wearing turnout gear, watching a live burn training scenario, visiting fire stations, and interacting with firefighters.

Clinicians who desire to be vetted for Redline Rescue are required to complete this two-day course and complete 10 hours of documented ride time at a fire rescue department. Clinicians who complete all of these requirements are eligible to obtain a Certification of Completion and will be included in the Redline Rescue database.

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Upcoming Clinician Awareness Program Events

Reviews of the Program

This was one of the most profound experiences and immersion that I have ever had. This gave me brand new and significant Insight on the experiences of fireman and what they battle on a daily basis.

The hands on experience was very eye-opening. The presenters were engaging. The information was presented in a concise way and the lingo handout was helpful. The fact that lunch was provided was very generous. Plenty of bathroom and water breaks.

The opportunity and time to interact with many firefighters, welcoming all questions and feedback. The passion was palpable and contagious.

All of the firefighters were incredibly welcoming, passionate, and knowledgeable. You can tell that everyone is invested in this cause & truly wants to better mental wellness for firefighters & break the barriers & stigma between first responders & mental health. The course also offers more experiences, knowledge, and examples than someone can get from books or videos on the internet. Super amazing!

It was incredibly heartfelt, authentic, and well-researched.

I loved that we got to experience the simulation and wear the gear. I also really enjoyed the visit to the fire station.

The two day event was excellent The training enhanced my knowledge about First Responders. Excellent event! Awesome experience!

I really appreciated the vulnerability of personal accounts. Learning the lingo & the live simulations really gave a different perspective into a “day in the life.” This is valuable information for a clinician to know & removes some the assumptions that can block the process.

This was one of the most profound experiences and immersion that I have ever had. This gave me brand new and significant Insight on the experiences of fireman and what they battle on a daily basis.

This was an amazing training that gave me a much clearer perspective on what firefighters deal with. I also learned so much about the firefighters culture and unique challenges. The drills were a great learning experience. I can’t say enough good things about this training! Thank you to all those who shared their wisdom and experience.

It was an impressive event. Very educational. The event was very well organized. Exposure to day to day activities of firefighters were very helpful. The instructors were amazing!

I gained significant insight into the trauma exposure to first respondents in particular to fire fighters.