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Florida Firefighters Safety & Health Collaborative

All FFSHC Resources

TitleCategoriesFile SizeFile Typehf:doc_categorieshf:file_type
2021-10 Newsletter2 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
2021-11 Newsletter3 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
2022-01 Newsletter4 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
2022-02 Newsletter3 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
2022-03 Newsletter3 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
2022-04 Newsletter3 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
2022-06 Newsletter4 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
2022-07 Newsletter2 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
2022-08 Newsletter1 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
2022-09 Newsletter2 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
2022-10 Newsletter2 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
2022-11 Newsletter3 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
2022-12 Newsletter2 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
2023-01 Newsletter2 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
2023-02 Newsletter2 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
Cardiac Enlargement in FF – NFFF – 20172 MBpdfhealth-and-fitnesspdf
Firefighter Physicals – Coral Springs – 2019689 KBpdfhealth-and-fitnesspdf
FITNESS TRAINING – PBCFR – 2016119 KBpdfhealth-and-fitnesspdf
WORK RELATED INJURIES/RETURNING TO WORK – PBCFR – 2018211 KBpdfhealth-and-fitnesspdf
Health & Wellness Manual – Portland – 2006361 KBdochealth-and-fitnessdoc
Addressing the Epidemic of Obesity in the United States Fire Service – NVFC – 2011980 KBpdfhealth-and-fitnesspdf
Shift-Based Program Scheduling for Firefighters – NSCA – 201760 KBpdfhealth-and-fitnesspdf
SMOKING IN THE WORKPLACE – PBCFR – 2015111 KBpdfhealth-and-fitnesspdf
Wellness Fitness Initiative Peer Program – WFI – 20177 MBpdfhealth-and-fitnesspdf
Respiratory Diseases in FF – FEMA – 20106 MBpdfhealth-and-fitnesspdf
Joint Labor/Mgmt Wellness Fitness Program – WFI – 20174 MBpdfhealth-and-fitnesspdf
Health & Wellness Guide – USFA – 20092 MBpdfhealth-and-fitnesspdf
Post Fire On Scene Decon – FFSHC State FACE – 2017524 KBpdfstate-face-team-recommendations face-team-resourcespdf
FCI Clinic Tour Powerpoint2 MBpdfstate-face-team-recommendations face-team-resourcespdf
FF Cancer Proclamation – PBCFR – 202128 KBpdfstate-face-team-recommendations face-team-resourcespdf
Personal Safety for Investigators -2020414 KBpdfstate-face-team-recommendations face-team-resourcespdf
Fire Investigator BestPractices Quick Facts585 KBpdfstate-face-team-recommendations face-team-resourcespdf
Fire Investigator Health and Safety Top Tips78 KBpdfstate-face-team-recommendations face-team-resourcespdf
Fire Investigator Health and Safety Best Practices 20202 MBpdfstate-face-team-recommendations face-team-resourcespdf
Fire Investigator Physical Exam Letter154 KBpdfstate-face-team-recommendations face-team-resourcespdf
Fire Investigator Respiratory Protection Fact Sheet221 KBpdfstate-face-team-recommendations face-team-resourcespdf
Statewide Florida Decon FOG409 KBpdfstate-face-team-recommendations face-team-resourcespdf
Clean Cab – Fire Engineering – 2019370 KBpdfapparatus face-team-resourcespdf
Clean Cab SOG – Coral Springs – 2017212 KBpdfapparatus face-team-resourcespdf
Clean Cab Outline – Coral Springs – 2018369 KBpdfapparatus face-team-resourcespdf
Carcinogen Reduction Plan13 MBpdfapparatus face-team-resourcespdf
Clean Cab Concept – Coral Springs – 20197 MBpdfapparatus face-team-resourcespdf
Apparatus near Bay – City Miami – 2016114 KBpdfapparatus face-team-resourcespdf
MagneGrip Vehicle Exhaust – Delray – 20161 MBpdfapparatus face-team-resourcespdf
Vehicle Exhaust Removal System – Town of PB – 201695 KBpdfapparatus face-team-resourcespdf
Clean Cab Procedures and Response – St Petersburg – 2020180 KBpdfapparatus face-team-resourcespdf
Getting Started with Telehealth443 KBpdfpolicies covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
COVID-19 Exposed/Sick Employee Algorithm516 KBpdfpolicies covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Isolation/Quarantine-Home/Facility Guidelines1 MBpdfpolicies covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Joint Health & Safety Alert238 KBpdfpolicies covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Firefighting COVID-19452 KBpdfpolicies covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Isolation and Quarantine207 KBpdfpolicies covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
10 Things You Can Do To Manage Your Health At Home368 KBpdffamily-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
COVID-19 Testing Sites38 KBdocxfamily-information covid-19 firefighter-safetydocx
First Responders Guide to Family Disaster Plan During COVID-19155 KBpdffamily-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Interim Guidance for Implementing Home Care of People Not Requiring Hospitalization for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)107 KBpdffamily-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Helping Families Cope at Home183 KBdocxfamily-information covid-19 firefighter-safetydocx
Interim Guidance for Implementing Home Care of People Not Requiring Hospitalization for COVID-19499 KBpdffamily-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Managing Patient and Family Distress264 KBpdffamily-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in Homes & Residential Communities1 MBpdffamily-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Self-Monitoring Home Instructions154 KBpdffamily-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
The State of Florida Resources33 KBdocxcovid-19 firefighter-safetydocx
Novel Coronavirus Fighting Products893 KBpdfcleaning-disinfecting covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Effectiveness of Ultraviolet Devices and Fogging Systems for Room Decontamination771 KBpdfcleaning-disinfecting covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
COVID-19 Behavioral Health for First Responders and Family Members82 KBpdfstress-reduction covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Mental health and psychosocial considerations during the COVID-19 outbreak522 KBpdfstress-reduction covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Staying Grounded151 KBpdfstress-reduction covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Stress Management Information2 MBpdfstress-reduction covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Post-Exposure/Quarantine Symptom Monitoring Tracker641 KBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
A Seattle Intensivist’s One-pager on COVID-19457 KBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
COVID-19 Screening and Decision-Making Algorithm299 KBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
COVID-19 Return to Work Guideline1 MBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Coronavirus Preventive Measures and Employee Health and Safety Guidelines749 KBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Daily Infection Prevention Flow-Chart114 KBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Transport Unit & Equipment Decontamination261 KBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Transport and Decon Procedures1 MBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Apparatus Cleaning After Exposure to PUI or COVID-19 Patient323 KBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
No Documented Exposure to a COVID-19 Patient: Return to Work Guidelines197 KBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Station Cleaning Checklist321 KBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
COVID-19 Daily PPE, Station Life, Medical Screening & Visitors242 KBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
CDC Clean & Disinfect Recommendations85 KBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
FBI Indictaors Fraud PPE Products827 KBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
First Responder Guidance109 KBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Fire Stations and Coronavirus Precautions2 MBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Covid 19 Workplace Practices/Social Distancing256 KBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
QUARANTINE GUIDANCE FOR FIRE AND EMS RESPONDERS3 MBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Return to Work Guideline161 KBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Guidelines for COVID-19 Fire Station Exposure Reduction299 KBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Mitigate Absenteeism by Protecting Emergency Medical Service313 KBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Antibody Testing – Univ of Miami3 MBpdfwork-related-information covid-19 firefighter-safetypdf
Characterizing firefighter’s exposure to over 130 SVOCs1 MBpdfface-team-resourcespdf
Firefighting and PFAS Foams531 KBpdfface-team-resourcespdf
Post Fire Decon – Cape Corl – 2019173 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Assessment of the toxicity of firefighter exposures using the PAH CALUX bioassay784 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Post Fire Gross Decontamination – PBCFR – 2018351 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Decon – Clearwater FR – 201837 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Charlotte County – Post Fire Decon – 2019217 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Decon for Suppression Incident – Canada – 201874 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Cleaning & Disinfecting 3M Half Mask1 MBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Contaiminaion of PPE and Effectiveness of Decon1 MBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Statewide Florida Decon Buckets3 MBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Decon Layout292 KBpngdecontamination face-team-resourcespng
Gross Decon – Palm Beach Gardens FR – 2020583 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Post Fire Decon Kit – New York State – 2019620 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Decontamination – City of Orlando- 201555 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Hood Carcinogen Mitigation – Broward – 2016211 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Prevention – Post Fire Decon – Orlando – 201675 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Post Fire Decon SOG – Delray – 2016684 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Gear & Equip Decon – Dunedin – 2013265 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Post Fire Gross Decon FOG – F.A.C.E. – 2018363 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Sauna Post Fire Decon SOG – Delray Fire – 2019158 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
FF Hoods Contamination, Efficiency of Laundering2 MBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
FIREGROUND CONTAMINATION REDUCTION PROGRAM – MDFR – 2019249 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Leather vs. Rubber Boots in Decon Tests134 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
CARE AND CLEANING OF FIRE FIGHTING PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE) – PBCFR – 2015161 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
FIREFIGHTING HOOD MAINTENANCE – PBCFR – 2016117 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Gross Decon Steps – Orange County – 2018486 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
How Clean is Clean – Powerpoint3 MBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Gross Decon SOG – Orange County – 201892 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Shower Within the Hour – Jacksonville Fire – 2018108 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Ottawa PAH/Metal Contaminates in Fires – 2019877 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
PPE Care & Cleaning – PBCFR – 2015161 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Post Fire Decontamination for Firefighting Personnel – St Petersburg – 2020158 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Rebuttal to Sauna for FF Cancer – Canada146 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Saunas and FF Cancer107 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Post Incident Decon – Fern Creek FD – 201855 KBdocdecontamination face-team-resourcesdoc
Structural FF Deco SOG – Orange County – 2018116 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Gross Decon- Coral Springs – 2018225 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Vancouver Gear Cleaning SOG12 MBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Pilot study on the efficiency of water-only decontamination for firefighters’ turnout gear1,006 KBpdfdecontamination face-team-resourcespdf
Airborne Contaminates During Controlled Residential Fires1 MBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Fire Investigators – Respiratory & Dermal Protection447 KBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Cancer Prevention – Bend FR – 20201 MBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Best Practices – Fire Investigator -20202 MBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
FF CA Powerpoint- Jacksonville – 201913 MBpptxeducation face-team-resourcespptx
Cancer Prevention Checklist – Ontario – 2019225 KBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Cancer Alliance Report – 20161,020 KBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
FF Cancer Prevention – New York State – 2019219 KBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Health and Safety Initiatives – Davie FR – 20203 MBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
European Prevention – Avoid FF Cancer1 MBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
FF Cancer Fact Sheet – FCSN442 KBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Prevention Poster – San Antonio – 201711 MBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Prevention Poster 2 – San Antonio – 20172 MBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Best Practices Manual – Washington State – 20179 MBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Fire Investigator Best Practices Quick Facts585 KBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Preliminary Exposure Reduction Pledge – Polk County -2019126 KBdocxeducation face-team-resourcesdocx
Fire Investigator Physical Exam Letter154 KBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Engine Exhaust in Fire Station – Dept of Labor587 KBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Firefighters and Asbestos699 KBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Senate Bill 426 Firefighter Cancer Benefits – 2019194 KBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Healthy Firefighter – Sweden Model – 20153 MBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Lavender Ribbon Report – 20189 MBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Firefighters & Cancer Risk Flyer – Montgomery County Fire532 KBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Preventing Cancer Poster – Multiple Agencies – 2018631 KBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Actions to Reduce Cancer in FF – Interagency Board – 2016748 KBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Reduce Your Cancer Risk – FDNY – 20186 MBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Flame Retardants & FF Exposure Health – Minnesota – 20162 MBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Fire Service Contamination Control – NFPA – 20184 MBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Containment Control – NFPA – 201882 KBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Soot parcels found on Fetus – Ottawa3 MBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
Best Practices – Tucson Fire – 20182 MBdocxeducation face-team-resourcesdocx
Best Practices for Preventing FF Cancer – 20189 MBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
FFSHC F.A.C.E. Open Letter #1 – June 2018234 KBpdff-a-c-e-initiatives-open-letters face-team-resourcespdf
FFSHC F.A.C.E. Open Letter #2 – June 2018237 KBpdff-a-c-e-initiatives-open-letters face-team-resourcespdf
Open Letter Announcement172 KBpdff-a-c-e-initiatives-open-letters face-team-resourcespdf
Diesel Exhaust AFG – PBCFR – 201823 KBdocxgrants face-team-resourcesdocx
Atmospheric Monitors – AFG – 201713 KBdocxgrants face-team-resourcesdocx
Naloxone – Heroes – 201914 KBdocxgrants face-team-resourcesdocx
Hospital Readmission Reduction Program – EMS Grant – 2018268 KBdocgrants face-team-resourcesdoc
Wellness Grant – Osceola – 201138 KBdocgrants face-team-resourcesdoc
Canadian Cohort FF Cancer Study – Ryerson University – 2018435 KBpdfother face-team-resourcespdf
FF Cancer Benefit Forms – Coral Springs 2019166 KBpdfother face-team-resourcespdf
Investigator Risk Assessment – Canada -2019126 KBdocother face-team-resourcesdoc
EHN.org PFAS free firefighting foam916 KBpdfother face-team-resourcespdf
Cancer Prevention – Indianapolis – 20152 MBpptxother face-team-resourcespptx
Firefighting Carcinogen Exposure Reduction – Palm Beach County – 2016215 KBpdfother face-team-resourcespdf
Atmospheric Monitors/Half Mask – Palm Beach County – 2017159 KBpdfother face-team-resourcespdf
FEMA -PFAS Legislation Continues to Evolve103 KBpdfother face-team-resourcespdf
FF Cancer Claim Form – Coral Springs 2019283 KBpdfother face-team-resourcespdf
Florida Cancer Rules – Fire Marshal Office561 KBdocxother face-team-resourcesdocx
PPE/Hood/Glove Exchange – Coral Springs – 2018171 KBpdfother face-team-resourcespdf
Exposure Reduction SOG – Orange County – 20188 MBpdfother face-team-resourcespdf
IFF70_Ross_v2488 KBpdfother face-team-resourcespdf
Urinary Biomarkers to Assess Exposures to PAHs3 MBpdfother face-team-resourcespdf
Ottawa FF – Exposures to PAHs400 KBpdfother face-team-resourcespdf
Matschke Study – PAH’s in Ottawa FF359 KBpdfother face-team-resourcespdf
PFAS_Fact_Sheet_AFFF_April2020304 KBpdfother face-team-resourcespdf
low dose effects & endocrine disrupting chemicals1 MBpdfother face-team-resourcespdf
The First Independent Certification for PFAS92 KBpdfother face-team-resourcespdf
Wildland FF Smoke & Cancer Study – 2018846 KBpdfother face-team-resourcespdf
Atmospheric Monitors – PBCFR – 2018323 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
PPE – Clearwater FR – 2018108 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Respiratory Protection for Investigators – PBCFR – 2017235 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
PPE Care – Clearwater – 201889 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
City of Miami PPE Delivery – 2019325 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Exposure to Smoke Overview – 20182 MBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Environmental Monitoring – 2017160 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
PPE Directives – City of Seminole – 201325 KBdocxpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcesdocx
PPE Maintenance – Broward -2016257 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
PPE SOP – Indianapolis – 2015445 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Firefighting Hood Maintenance Policy – Palm Beach – 2016293 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Fire Investigation Respiratory Protection Fact Sheet221 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Fire Investigator Best Practices – IAAI – 2018285 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
FIREFIGHTING HOOD CLEANING, MAINTENANCE AND EXCHANGE – MCFR – 201894 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
FIREFIGHTING CARCINOGEN EXPOSURE REDUCTION – PBCFR – 201664 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Ft Lauderdale PPE Delivery – 2019423 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Storage of PPE Chart – Orange County FL – 2019634 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Guide to Cancer Prevention through PPE – Globe628 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Hood Replacement – Lake Ozark, MO – 201940 KBdocpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcesdoc
Atmospheric Monitors – PBCFR – 2019323 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Atmospheric Monitors SOG – Palm Beach – 2018364 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Half Mask, VOC Cartridge, Gas Monitors – PBCFR – 2018550 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Respiratory Protection – PBCFR – 2017170 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Personal Safety for Investigators -2020414 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
PFAS – UBA Clothing3 MBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Protective Particulate Hood Exchange Program – St Petersburg -2020171 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Protective Particulate Hood Exchange Program – St Petersburg -2019150 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Protective Equipment – St Petersburg – 2020273 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Posts Fire Decon – Lake Ozark, MO – 201932 KBdocpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcesdoc
PPE Room Design – 2018588 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Respiratory Protection in Warm Zone – 20186 MBdocxpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcesdocx
Fluorochemicals – Powerpoint1 MBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
San Antonio PPE Delivery – 2019285 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
PROTECTIVE CLOTHING & EQUIPMENT – INSPECTION & CLEANING – Vancouver -201960 KBdocpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcesdoc
PROTECTIVE CLOTHING & EQUIPMENT – PACKAGING for CLEANING – Vancouver – 201961 KBdocpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcesdoc
PPE for Investigators – Tucson Fire Dept – 201819 KBdocxpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcesdocx
Fire Investigator PPE – Tucson Fire – 201923 KBdocxpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcesdocx
Vancouver PPE Delivery – 2019273 KBpdfpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcespdf
Task Book – Decontamination of Bunker Gear28 KBdocxpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcesdocx
Task Book – Decontamination of Bunker Gearecontamination of Boots. (Leather and Rubber)26 KBdocxpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcesdocx
Task Book – Decontamination of Gloves – Post Fire26 KBdocxpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcesdocx
Task Book – Decontamination of Helmets (Post Fire)26 KBdocxpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcesdocx
Task Book – Decontamination of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Post Fire26 KBdocxpersonal-protection-equipment face-team-resourcesdocx
IAAI 9/11 Report – 20211 MBpdffirefighter-safetypdf
TRAINING – PBCFR – 2011167 KBpdffirefighter-safetypdf
Use of SCBA – Broward – 2016197 KBpdfequipment firefighter-safetypdf
Mandatory Use of SCBA – Indianapolis Fire – 2013189 KBpdfequipment firefighter-safetypdf
Personal Protective Equipment – St. Cloud – 2014399 KBdocequipment firefighter-safetydoc
Portable Radio Placement IDLH – Fairfax County – 20133 MBpdfequipment firefighter-safetypdf
Radio Performance Exposed to Elevated Temps – NIST3 MBpdfequipment firefighter-safetypdf
Residential Fire Prevention Guide4 MBpdfequipment firefighter-safetypdf
Cardiovascular/Chemical Exposure During Training – 20199 MBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Personal Accountability – PBCFR – 2018565 KBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Mayday – PBCFR – 2018149 KBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Atmospheric Monitors – PBCFR – 2018316 KBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Fire Attack Operations – PBCFR – 2018371 KBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Civil Unrest SOG1 MBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Safe Positioning in Traffic64 KBdocfireground-safety firefighter-safetydoc
Emergency REHAB – Jacksonville Fire – 2016148 KBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Structure Fire SOG – Jacksonville Fire – 2015292 KBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Accident Investigation Guidebook – VFIS – 1999803 KBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Civil Unrest – FEMA848 KBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Safety Action Team – Boca – 201729 KBdocfireground-safety firefighter-safetydoc
Response to Scenes of Violence – St. Cloud – 201447 KBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Active Shooter Guide – USFA – 2013236 KBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
ACTIVE SHOOTER HOSTILE EVENT RESPONSE – Miami Dade – 20193 MBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
BODY ARMOR – Miami Dade314 KBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Traffic Operations – PCFR – 2018259 KBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Apparatus Safety – PBCFR – 2018256 KBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Ballistic Protective Equipment Use, Care & Maintenance – Davie – 201946 KBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Response to Scenes of Violence – Orlando Fire – 2017166 KBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Heat Stress/Dehydration13 MBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Responding to Hostile Incidents – Davie – 2019157 KBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Surfside Collapse – Review – 2021600 KBdocxfireground-safety firefighter-safetydocx
Response to Known & Unknown Hostile Incidents – Palm Beach Gardens – 2019440 KBpdffireground-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Response to Violent Incidents – PBCFR – 2018345 KBpdfpersonal-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Situational Awareness – PBCFR – 2018346 KBpdfpersonal-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Emerging Health & Safety Issues Among Women in Fire Service – USFA – 20193 MBpdfpersonal-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Body Armor Policy – Model SOG23 KBdocxpersonal-safety firefighter-safetydocx
Effects of Energy Drinks – 2019798 KBpdfpersonal-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Structural FF & Rhabdomyolysis – CDC – 20184 MBpdfpersonal-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Wildland FF & – Rhabdomyolysis – CDC – 20185 MBpdfpersonal-safety firefighter-safetypdf
Emergency and Non-Emergency Response – PBCFR – 2018351 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Safety Officers – PBCFR – 2018357 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Vehicle Accidents – PBCFR – 2018325 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Rehabilitation – PBCFR – 2018380 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Infectious – Contagious Disease – PBCFR – 2018409 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Active Shooter Hostile Event Response-Mass Casualty Incident – PBCFR – 2018408 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Confined Space Entry and Rescue – PBCFR – 1998337 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
High – Low Angle Rescue – PBCFR – 2018345 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
ACTIVE SHOOTER INCIDENTS – MDFR – 201766 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
FF Safety Policy21 KBdocxpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetydocx
The Broward County League Of Cities’ School And Community Public Safety Task Force2 MBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Safety Officer Job Description – 201818 KBdocxpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetydocx
Safety Message – Civil Unrest54 KBdocpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetydoc
CLANDESTINE AND HYDROPONICS DRUG LABS – MDFR – 2018285 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Safety Messages – Covid45 KBdocpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetydoc
Violent Incident Response SOG – Coral Springs -2018140 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Active Killer SOG – Coral Springs – 2018356 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Fire Station Design – USFA – 201815 MBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Safety Captains SOG – Orange County – 200867 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Health and Safety Call Out – Jacksonville Fire – 2013172 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Facility Station Inspection Checklist – NFPA – 201722 KBdocxpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetydocx
Joint Safety Committee – St Lucie County – 2017519 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
FF Autopsy Protocol – USFA -20083 MBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Risk Management Plan – St. Cloud – 2014242 KBdocpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetydoc
Health and Safety – Davie Fire Rescue – 201695 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
National Safety Culture Change Initiative – USFA – 2015819 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
FIREGROUND PROCEDURES – MDFR – 2018195 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
LINE OF DUTY DEATH-REPORTING PROCEDURES – PBCFR – 2018125 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
VEHICLE APPARATUS SAFETY – PBCFR – 2016256 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
TRAINING – PBCFR – 2011167 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
CONTINUOUS QUALITY IMPROVEMENT – PBCFR – 2104154 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Safety Message – Hurricane53 KBdocpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetydoc
Roof Ops SOG – PBCFR – 2018348 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Rehab SOG – PBCFR – 2018372 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Aerial Ops SOG – PBCFR – 2018337 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Safety Message – Covid – PBCFR17 KBdocxpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetydocx
Safety Message – Dignitary145 KBdocxpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetydocx
Safety Messages – Hurricane – PBCFR833 KBdocxpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetydocx
RAPID INTERVENTION CREW – MDFR – 20151 MBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Risk Mgmt Report Guide – PBCFR – 2019291 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Health & Safety Officer SOG – City of Jacksonville Fire – 201632 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Incident Safety Officer – City of Jacksonville Fire – 2015169 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
16 Life Safety Initiatives – Strategic Vision – 20173 MBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
TRAFFIC INCIDENT MANAGEMENT – MDFR – 2019597 KBpdfpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetypdf
Safety Message – Wildfires45 KBdocpolicies-protocols firefighter-safetydoc
Traffic Mgmt – PBCFR – 2019305 KBpdfstandard-operating-guidelines firefighter-safetypdf
Rapid Intervention Crew – PBCFR – 2018365 KBpdfstandard-operating-guidelines firefighter-safetypdf
Safety Committee – Coral Springs – 201867 KBpdfstandard-operating-guidelines firefighter-safetypdf
SOG Rehabilitation Sector – Messa Fire – 20131 MBdocxstandard-operating-guidelines firefighter-safetydocx
POST INCIDENT ANALYSIS QUESTIONNAIRE – PBVCFR34 KBdocstandard-operating-guidelines firefighter-safetydoc
FITNESS ASSESSMENT PROCEDURES – PBCFR – 201459 KBpdfstandard-operating-guidelines firefighter-safetypdf
Fire Attack – PBCFR – 2018377 KBpdfstandard-operating-guidelines firefighter-safetypdf
Traffic Incident Mgmt – PBGFD – 20183 MBpdfstandard-operating-guidelines firefighter-safetypdf
Surrendered Infant SOP182 KBpdfstandard-operating-guidelines firefighter-safetypdf
Fire Service Behavioral Health Management Guide3 MBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
Clinician List Central Florida128 KBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
Clinician List South Florida697 KBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
EAP to BHAP Guide299 KBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
A Proactive Approach to Ensuring Mental Wellness – VCOS – 20173 MBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
Mental Health Self Assessment Tool 2 – Miami Dade – 2017252 KBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
Mental Health Self Assessment Tool – Miami Dade – 2017252 KBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
PTSD Questions – FFBHA – 2011278 KBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
Rosetta Stone Clinician Awareness Program – FFSHC – 2017440 KBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
What Clinicians Working With Firefighters Need To Know About Suicide1 MBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
Tips for Clinicians when doing a critical incident fire station visit114 KBpdfclinicians-eap mental-wellnesspdf
Booklet- COVID19 -care for your family482 KBpdfhealth-resources mental-wellnesspdf
Obesity in the Fire Service – NVFC – 2011980 KBpdfhealth-resources mental-wellnesspdf
Substance Abuse Resources for Veterans13 KBdocxhealth-resources mental-wellnessdocx
Stress Continuum – 2nd Alarm184 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
10 Steps to Build Peer Support Program245 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Peer Support Team Guidelines – Ft Lauderdale Local 765282 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Firestrong – St Petersburg7 MBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Fire Service Behavioral Health Management Guide3 MBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
CISM Lessons Learned from Newton Tragedy – Connecticut State Police – 2013342 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Central Florida Peer Support Resources14 KBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Critical Incident Stress Management – Miami Dade – 20172 MBpptxpeer-support mental-wellnesspptx
Florida USAR Demobilization Mental Wellness Follow Up Plan911 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Peer SupportActivation Card16 MBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Behvorial Health Flow Chart – St Petersburg139 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
III-F-14 Revised CISM & Peer Support Policy 10416 – Miami Dade – 2016419 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Illinois Peer Support Manual – 20165 MBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Peer Support – Iona McGregor – 20118 MBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Guide To Funeral And Memorial Services – Palm Beach County – 20121 MBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Marriage & Relationship Guidebook – Law Enforcement – 2015777 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Peer Support Program – Jacksonville – 201636 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Surviving the Repelling Events and Staying Sane – Canton – 2002155 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Switchboard – South Florida Council of Firefighters246 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
OFFBA Peer Support Team Board of Directors15 KBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Peer Support Mission Statement – Orlando11 KBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Peer Support Team – Orlando Flyer3 MBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Peer Support Tracking Form29 KBxlsxpeer-support mental-wellnessxlsx
Peer Program Members Selection – FFSHC – 201757 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Peer Support Overview820 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
PEER SUPPORT PROGRAM SOG – Pinellas Park – Midway Fire17 KBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Peer Support Team Application – Orlando38 KBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Peer Training Manual – Broward Sheriff1 MBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Firefighter Manual Support Information719 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Prehospital Behavioral Emergencies and Crisis Response – AAOS1 MBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Peer Support Team- Orlando Policy25 KBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Peer Support Manual – Police1 MBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Redline Rescue Flyer152 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder124 KBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Peer Support Program SOG – Midway Fire263 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Peer Support Reference – St Petersburg675 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Behavioral Health Assistance Program – St Petersburg66 KBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
St. Petersburg Fire Rescue Behavioral Health Assistance Program66 KBdocxpeer-support mental-wellnessdocx
Surfside Strong Flyer971 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Surfside Survey187 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Traumatic Events – UCF RESTORES – 201942 KBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Yellow Ribbon Report1 MBpdfpeer-support mental-wellnesspdf
Clinician Ride Time Form – FFSHC – 2018218 KBpdfclinician-awareness-programpdf
Best Practices in Behavioral Wellness for Emergency Responders2 MBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
Behavioral Health Collaborative – Central Florida14 KBdocxpolicies-procedures mental-wellnessdocx
Chaplain Program – Model Policy55 KBdocpolicies-procedures mental-wellnessdoc
Making a World of Difference – EDC Brochure7 MBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
Behavioral Health Assistance Program – BHAP – Broward Fire Chiefs46 KBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
First Responder Burnout Article153 KBdocxpolicies-procedures mental-wellnessdocx
Mental Health Resource Guide – Florida 2020289 KBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
Mental Wellness Program – Coral Springs – 20203 MBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
Chaplain Policy – Model SOG55 KBdocpolicies-procedures mental-wellnessdoc
Behavioral Health Program Recommendations – FFBHA – 201727 KBdocpolicies-procedures mental-wellnessdoc
PEER SUPPORT TEAM GUIDELINES Loveland Fire Rescue542 KBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
Peer Support Team – Orlando Policy21 KBdocxpolicies-procedures mental-wellnessdocx
Florida PTSD Bill Facts328 KBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
Supporting Mental Health in First Responders – British Columbia198 KBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
Sample Peer Support Policies PD633 KBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
Sleep During a Crisis21 KBdocxpolicies-procedures mental-wellnessdocx
How to Best Support a Fire2 MBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
First Responder Behavioral Health Concerns263 KBpdfpolicies-procedures mental-wellnesspdf
Risk Management Plan, Dynamic Risk Assessment – St Petersburg119 KBpdfsafety-resources mental-wellnesspdf
Risk Mgmt Plan- St Petersburg178 KBpdfsafety-resources mental-wellnesspdf
Beyond Surviving: Suggestions for Survivors300 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Best Practices for Presentations by Suicide Loss and Suicide Attempt Survivors111 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Confronting Suicide in the Fire Service Strategies for Intervention & Prevention461 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Downtime after Critical Incidents in Emergency Medical Technicians/Paramedics1 MBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Traumatic Event Stress Information – UCF RESTORES – 201938 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Confronting Suicide in the Fire Service Strategies for Intervention & Prevention2 MBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Managers Guide Post Suicide in Workplace2 MBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Mental Trauma and Resiliency In The Fire Service (PowerPoint)14 MBpptxsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspptx
Preventing Suicide A Resource For Police, Firefighters, And Other First Line Responders – WHO – 2009151 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Suicide and Public Safety Officers Disciplinary, Medical and Compensation Issues – Law Journal – 200790 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Suicide Prevention Poster – Miami Dade – 2017577 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Suicide Questionnaire – FFBHA – 2011676 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Suicide Guide for Fire Chiefs – NFFF – 20131 MBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Spouse Support – UCF RESTORES – 201941 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Psychological Survival Guide – North River Fire District8 MBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Resources for Suicide Loss Suvivors81 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Handbook for Survivors of Suicide271 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Suicide Awareness Poster – 20183 MBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Suicide Prevention Paul Combs Poster577 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
First responders trauma intervention resource toolkit92 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
First responders: Behavioral health concerns, emergency response, and trauma297 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Preventing Suicide: A resource for police, firefighters and other first line responders92 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Recognizing and Responding to Suicide Risk92 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Zero Suicide – Prevention775 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Suicide Whitepaper288 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
What Fire Chiefs Need To Know About Suicide1 MBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
Suicide Prevention Poster216 KBpdfsuicide-prevention mental-wellnesspdf
2018-10 Newsletter4 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
2019-10 Newsletter5 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
2020-10 Newsletter2 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
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Statement of Philosophy136 KBpdffire-chaplaincy mental-wellnesspdf
Deployment Standards and Best Practices146 KBpdffire-chaplaincy mental-wellnesspdf
Sample Fire Chaplain SOG98 KBpdffire-chaplaincy mental-wellnesspdf
Assisting Agencies with Establishing a Chaplaincy Program139 KBpdffire-chaplaincy mental-wellnesspdf
Chaplaincy Coordinator Job Description132 KBpdffire-chaplaincy mental-wellnesspdf
2023-05 Newsletter2 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
2023-06 Newsletter2 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
Firefighter PFAS Exposure and Mitigation, 4 MBpdfeducation face-team-resourcespdf
2023-07 Newsletter2 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
PTE AAR, 18 KBdocxmental-wellness peer-supportdocx
PTE Checklist, 36 KBdocxmental-wellness peer-supportdocx
Peer Support Request Template, 13 KBdocxmental-wellness peer-supportdocx
2023-08 Newsletter3 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
2023-09 Newsletter3 MBpdfnewsletterspdf
Mental Health Resource and Response Guide17 MBdocxmental-wellnessdocx
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2023-11 Newsletter2 MBpdfnewsletterspdf