In November 2016 we formed a Statewide F.A.C.E. (Firefighters Attacking the Cancer Epidemic) Team. This team originally started with 14 select and progressive fire departments throughout the State of Florida. The team has continued to grow now be 11 States, 2 Countries, 30 fire departments and an average monthly attendance of 51 attendees.

In addition, we have partnered with the prestigious Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at University of Miami Health System, the Florida Fire Chief Association, the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, the Florida State Fire Marshal Office, and the Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training. This partnership has resulted in the development of a firefighter cancer prevention training curriculum, policies and procedures that can be utilized for the Florida fire service or for any other department nationally. These recommendations are built on a foundation that considers the varied needs of any department (large/small, volunteer/career) as we work to minimize our exposure to carcinogens.

In 2019 we expanded the F.A.C.E. Team to incorporate a section specific to Fire Investigators. This section has partnered with the Florida State Fire Marshal’s Office and the International Association of Arson Investigators to develop best practices policies and procedures for cancer prevention.

Our goal is to become a trusted resource and partner in the state of Florida and beyond. As these collaborative-based recommendations, SOG’s and Procedures are finalized, they will be loaded here for all members to access freely.

Our Statewide F.A.C.E. Team recommendations are listed in a folder under the Cancer Prevention Resources. The Cancer Prevention Resources also contains many other related SOGs, Policies and Procedures that we have compiled for your use and we thank all the departments that gave permission for us to share this information.

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